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Why buy Velux Melbourne supplier provides?

Are you wondering why it’s Velux Melbourne residents highly recommend where skylights are concerned? It’s because the brand offers only high-quality products at affordable prices.

And while the prices seem expensive, there are reasons to invest in such products.

Awesome reasons to install skylights

It’s simple, really.

It boosts the financial value of your home.

A lot of people know for a fact that a new paint job of home exterior, a new deck built, and an upgraded bathroom and kitchen increase the value of a home. But because natural light and energy efficiency have turned out to be a strong deciding factor for potential buyers, installing a skylight increases property value.

So, if you’re planning to sell your property in the future, buy skylights Melbourne providers offer. Make sure it is Energy Star-qualified.

And, if you want skylights to transform airflow and indoor quality, add one that is powered by the sun. It opens and closes automatically to draw in good outdoor air and offer better ventilation.

Are skylights power efficient?

As a fenestration, together with windows and doors, it is an important part of a home’s envelope. It’s responsible for ensuring power efficiency as much as possible.


  • By cutting down utility bills.
  • By saving energy and reducing usage.
  • By making your home more comfortable than ever.

For guaranteed energy efficiency, make sure to check how a skylight’s energy rates performance-wise. These differ depending on a particular zone’s climate. They must fulfill the minimum performance requirements set out by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

What are the different skylights?

Products from Velux Melbourne suppliers have come in several types and can be enhanced through a range of accessories, such as blinds. The three most common are:

Electrical/solar skylights

These are powered by a battery or the sun to automatically open and close. They are made with rain sensors and will function on auto-pilot close when it rains. You can also use a remote control to open and close them.

Manual skylights

These save energy and let you enjoy natural ventilation. Unlike the previous unit, these are manually opened and closed. When you buy Velux skylights online, check if they’re manual or automatic.

Flat roof skylight

Available in several measurements, choose between glass design and a classic dome, or one that is either operated electronically or manually.

Is it costly to install skylights?

The cost of installation will depend upon the type selected, the specifications of your property, and the design of the roof.

Installation of a traditional skylight, for instance, will cost you between $378 to $1,200 per skylight, but that already includes the installation cost that will cost as much as $600.

Among the many kinds of skylights, the tubular model is more affordable.

But the overall cost will vary, depending on the roof design. Adding a skylight on a flat roof is more inexpensive than on a pitched roof.

If you wish to add blinds or shades, you should add in their rate on your calculation too.

Get skylights from Skylights Online

A Velux Melbourne supplier that many residents trusts, the company carries a wide range of models and accessories to choose from. You can also buy Velux windows from them, making them a one-stop shop. Check out their website online.

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